Dear JMM Forum user,

First, let us apologize for the lack of announcements on our behalf in the forum. We recently realized that we had actually promised our readers in the Editorial for JMM9 that we would post in the forum every time we made a change to the issue websites. Great idea, but unfortunately the authors of the Editorial (that is, we) did not assign this task to anyone, so consequently, and partially due to the general lack of activity in the forum, we forgot all about it.

We are very sorry about this, and hope/assume that you have been following the development of JMM9 and JMM10 without our assistance. From now on, we will update the forum every time we have a new item appearing in one of our issues.

Secondly, in direct continuation of the above, here is our first announcement on updates to a JMM issue website: We have just uploaded a list of recent publications in the field of research in music and meaning to the website for JMM10. This in fact brings us close to the completion of the issue, and we only have a few more things to do with our vol. 10, before we open up the website for JMM11, the 11th issue of The Journal of Music and Meaning.

Looking forward to bringing you more news in the future,

Best regards on behalf of the Editorial Staff,

Søren R. Frimodt-Møller, Managing Editor of JMM